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Transformers Bot Shots Bumblebee Launcher

Bot Shots Bumblebee Launcher
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I really liked that the item had the feature of dominate the bot shots battle game with the bumblebee launcher. Other features consist of launch your vehicle into battle and two ways to win. The model number for this toy is 0653569822578. It's dimensions are 8.27" Height x 2.52" Length x 7.52" Width. It has a weight of 0.28 lbs. The warranty for the toy is no warranty. Great deal on Bot Shots Bumblebee . To purchase the product now at the lowest price, check out the shopping cart add to shopping cart button.


Model: A2583
UPS: 653569822578
Package Quantity: 1

Get the edge in the Bot Shots Battle Game with the Bumblebee Launcher! Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. If you both convert, the vehicle with all the stronger power might be the victor: Blaster beats Fist, Fist beats Sword and Sword beats Blaster! May the strongest Bot Shot car win! Use your launcher to win the subsequent collision, then do it all more than once more! Choose your Bumblebee vehicle's Sword, Battle or Fist energy and face off against an opponent (other vehicles sold separately ). This potent launcher helps you roll into battle with extra force. Beat your opponent when your car converts to robot mode even though the other automobile stays in vehicle mode. Can you do a Jump Shot to make another car convert? After you've mastered Basic Battle moves, try new tricks.


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