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Transformers Prime Revealers - Bumblebee

Prime Revealers

The UPC for this item is 653569744788. There's no doubt that you will love that the toy offers blasters snap on to robot and vehicle mode!. It's 2.52"H x 7.52"L x 12.01"W. If you need a good deal for this Transformer toy, check out our store add to cart button below.


Model: 98741
UPS: 653569744788
Package Quantity: 1

Outfitted with new chameleon tech developed by AUTOBOT RATCHET, BUMBLEBEE finds he is totally free to go anywhere and do anything. Convert him to sports automobile mode when the weapon he needs is speed! Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his enemies throw at him! As his high-tech paint shifts colors and patterns to hide him from view, he very easily slips in behind an unwary DECEPTICON®, and then moves in to finish him off. In robot mode, your SHADOW STRIKE BUMBLEBEE figure's snap-on blasters will give him the edge in battle. Your fierce SHADOW STRIKE BUMBLEBEE figure is ready to make big trouble for the AUTOBOTS!


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