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Transformer Dark Of The Moon Stealth Force Deluxe Starscream Vehicle

Transformer Dark Of The Moon Stealth

Transformer Dark Of The Moon Stealth really is fantastic to play with! The features include pull tab to hide weapons, realistic and highly detailed, push button to deploy weapons and collect them all. The model number for this is 34233. The toy is 7.01" Height x 5.32" Length x 7.76" Width, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.


Model: 355760000
UPS: 653569619611
Package Quantity: 1

Mighty robot warrior hides in plain sight by assuming automobile mode, but his weapons pop out with a quick touch! Pull tab to hide weapons! Few, if any, TRANSFORMERS can match the speed, intelligence and ruthlessness of STARSCREAM. Push button to deploy weapons! Speed into action with this airborne warrior and a surprise his enemies wont forget! After the battle ends, pull the tab to generate his weapons disappear for stealth mode. Product does not convert to robot. This villain is especially scary due to the truth hes ready for the unexpected! When they begin to close in on him, push the button to pop out hidden weapons! Send your STARSCREAM figure swooping into the heat of battle to face his toughest opponents. His automobile mode carriers an arsenal that rivals that of MEGATRON and can easily surpass twice the speed of sound. In assault mode STARSCREAM can approach and attack an unlucky AUTOBOT with absolute stealth and swiftness the poor AUTOBOT will never hear him coming!


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